AGB Serviss 20th anniversary

🎉 We proudly mark this occasion with joy!

Today, on August 08th 2023 AGB Serviss commemorates two decades of existence. The belief in our abilities, motivation, and desire to achieve success, despite various challenges, has allowed the company to grow and gain 20 years of experience in industrial boiler house manufacturing. Over these 20 years, tremendous work has been accomplished in developing and producing heating boilers to provide warmth and comfort during Latvia`s colder months.

We express gratitude and recognition to our employees and their families, as well as to our business partners.

Ahead of us lie many goals, challenges, and accomplishments!

Businessman Day

On September 21, 2023, AGB Serviss had a particularly active day as we welcomed students from Saldus Secondary School and Saldus Elementary School as part

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