AGB Serviss hosts its first cleanup event

Initiating an Annual Tradition!

This year marked the inaugural cleanup event at AGB Serviss production premises, a remarkable step towards establishing a new annual tradition. Nearly all employees from various departments enthusiastically participated in this endeavor, joining forces to collectively enhance both areas of the company`s premises.

The event focused on improving and maintaining the surrounding environment. The diligent workforce engaged in tasks such as landscaping, ensuring the ground was immaculate and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the employee parking lot was organized and refurbished, providing a more convenient space for staff members.

The day concludes with a communal picnic, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the dedicated participants. This shared experience not only reinforced the bond between colleagues but also served as an opportunity to relax and enjoy each other`s company after a productive day.

AGB Serviss is proud to have initiated his cleanup event, aligning with its commitment to environmental stewardship and cultivating a positive work environment.

By organizing this event, AGB Serviss not only uplifted its premises but also strengthened its sense of community. This initiative will undoubtedly serve as a foundation for future endeavors, fostering a culture of corporate social responsibility and teamwork.

We extend our appreciation to all the employees of AGB Serviss who wholeheartedly participated in this inaugural cleanup event, leaving a lasting impact on the company and the surrounding environment. Through their united efforts, AGB Serviss continues to strive for excellence both as a responsible corporate entity and as a supportive community for its employees.

Businessman Day

On September 21, 2023, AGB Serviss had a particularly active day as we welcomed students from Saldus Secondary School and Saldus Elementary School as part

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